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Field Trips

There are two special field trips which require us to make group arrangements and collect special fees now.  They are as follows:  

1.  Red Generation “Shanghai” Exhibit Museum Tour and Luncheon

For Red Generation members, a private docent-led tour of San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s “Shanghai” exhibit on the history and culture of Shanghai from 1800’s to modern day, followed by a private luncheon.  All ages are welcome to tour the museum and have lunch on your own in the museum café, but advance reservations are required for the Red Generation’s docent tour and private luncheon.  Sorry, no group transportation to museum provided.  You may wish to ask a younger member of your family to provide transportation.  Special fee: $50 per Red Generation member.  (Anyone else going will pay your own museum entry fee and buy your own lunch that day).  

2.  Angel Island

This national park was the western U.S. immigration station.  From 1910 to 1940, the island processed hundreds of thousands of immigrants, the majority from China.  This is a mostly outdoor activity, rich in history and fun for families.  Once on the island, there is a train that takes you from the pier to the immigration station, or you can hike.  No group transportation provided, but it is relatively easy to get to the island (BART to SF Ferry terminal, ferry to island).  Maps and directions will be provided.  Special fee: $42 per person (includes ferry ticket, tour, and picnic lunch).   If you are signing up for either of these trips, please include the Special Field Trip fees in your payment.  

Activity Form

Download the Word Document for emailing here.

Some questions you will be asked:  

·       Would you like to participate in either of the two Special Field Trips?  If yes, include in your payment the Special Field Trip Fees.

·       Would you like to participate in the Family Talent Show on Saturday night?  If yes, check the box and contact coordinator Dorothy Chang Rasco (dorothy.s.rasco-at-nasa-dot-gov).

·       Is there a family member who has passed away since our last reunion whom we should remember in our Memorial Service on Saturday morning?  If yes, provide the name and contact coordinator Victor Chang (chang630-at-gmail-dot-com).

·       Is there a special anniversary (45+ years) or birthday (70+ years) to celebrate?  

What to Bring  

The Doubletree Hotel has many amenities, including swimming pools, a fitness center, a big lawn where kids can play, and a beautiful location on the Berkeley Marina.  You might like to walk around the Marina or take a sightseeing boat cruise on the San Francisco Bay.  The weather on the Marina can be cool and foggy in the summer.  When we go to Oakland on Saturday, the weather might be warm and sunny.  Plan for variable weather, field day, an outdoor barbecue, and dancing!